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Manual band saw for metal cutting MetalTec BS 100 FM

Code: BS 100 FM
Manufacturer: MetalTec
Price: 54 000 руб.

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Manual  Machine Type
Ø 100 / 100 x 150 mm  Workpiece section
0 - 45°  Sawing angle
13 x 0.65 x 1470 mm  Ribbon size
0.370 kW  Installed capacity
31 kg  Weight


The band saw MetalTec BS 100 FM is designed for cutting workpieces from metals: non-ferrous, nickel, titanium, as well as high-alloy and structural steels.

The cutting process itself is carried out by a saw blade (band saw), which is welded into a ring and mounted on a saw frame, by pulling on pulleys. The saw frame lowers under its own weight, in manual mode, depending on the installed workpiece and sawing modes.

The advantages of manual metal band saws:

  • High machining accuracy due to guided guides with bearings - allows you to get a better cut compared to analogues from other manufacturers.
  • Saving material during processing, due to the small cutting width - allows you to save material, as well as produce accurate cuts due to minimal vibration of the band.
  • The ability to cut at different angles - up to 45 (60) ° - allows you to cut at different angles, for subsequent welding of structures.
  • Batch cutting, and cutting several workpieces at the same time - allows you to save processing time by sawing several workpieces in one setup.
  • The ability to cut various workpieces: pipes, profiles, etc. - makes the machine widely applicable both in small industries and workshops, as well as to mass-produce most of the materials used in production.


Cutting a pipe with a MetalTec BS100FM band saw Cutting a profile pipe with a MetalTec BS100FM band saw Circle cutting with MetalTec BS100FM band saw


Image of guided rails with bearings


Precise cutting on the machine is achieved by a perpendicularly mounted band saw blade, which is securely supported by long life ball bearings (integrated into guides on the saw frame).

The distance between the guides is adjusted depending on the diameter of the workpiece being processed, which prevents the blade from “pulling away” during the cutting process.

Image of MetalTec BS 100 FM band saw motor


Reliable operation throughout the entire service life. Drives the band saw blade to provide optimum cutting speed for various materials.

MetalTec BS 100 FM band saw vise


Provides reliable fixation of the workpiece due to the large surface area of ​​the corrugated jaws. The vise is set in motion by a convenient flywheel, which makes the fixing process fast and protects against arbitrary displacement of the workpiece.

MetalTec BS 100 FM Band Pivot Saw Frame


The solid saw frame made of gray cast iron provides structural rigidity and dampens vibrations that occur during operation.

The ability to rotate the saw frame at an angle from 0° to +45° makes working on the machine more convenient, saves space in the workshop when making angled cuts.

MetalTec BS 100 FM band saw functionality and performance


  • Control panel on the front of the machine;
  • Adjustable end stop for high dimensional accuracy when cutting;
  • The button for emergency stop of the movement of the belt web will increase the level of safety when working with the machine;
  • Swarf collection tray. 
Delivery time Available in a warehouse in the Russian Federation
Часы работы New
Weight, [kg] 31
Characteristics Режет Ø 100 / 100 x 150 мм
Manufacturer MetalTec
Type Ленточнопильный

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