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Semi-automatic band saw for metal cutting MetalTec BS 380 FH

Code: BS 380 FH
Manufacturer: MetalTec
Price: 810 000 руб.

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Model BS 380 FM
Engine power, W 3000
Saw blade dimensions, mm 4115 x 34 x 1.1
Cutting speed, m/min 20 / 40 / 60 / 75
Sawing angle, ° 90
Workpiece clamping system

Hydraulic vise

Hydraulic engine power, kW


Height of working area, mm 640
Length, mm 2000
Width, mm 1160
Height, mm 1310
Weight, kg 950


Warranty: 1 year



The band saw MetalTec BS 380 FH is designed for cutting workpieces from metals: non-ferrous, nickel, titanium, as well as high-alloy and structural steels.

The design of the machine is classic for this type of equipment: a massive bed is used as a base, and a saw frame is used as a cutting module. The cutting process itself is carried out by a saw blade (band saw), which is welded into a ring and mounted on a saw frame, by pulling on pulleys. The saw frame lowers under its own weight, and the adjustable hydraulic cylinder (hydraulic unloading) allows you to adjust the speed of lowering the saw frame, depending on the installed workpiece and sawing modes.


The advantages of metal band saws:

  • High processing precision.
  • Excellent cutting quality.
  • Material savings during processing, due to the small cutting width.
  • Sawing angle - 90°.
  • Batch cutting, and cutting several workpieces at the same time.
  • Possibility of cutting various workpieces: pipes, profiles, etc.



Cutting a pipe with a MetalTec BS100FM band saw Cutting a profile pipe with a MetalTec BS100FM band saw Circle cutting with MetalTec BS100FM band saw
Delivery time Available in a warehouse in the Russian Federation
Часы работы New
Weight, [kg] 950
Characteristics Режет Ø 380 / 380 x 380 мм
Manufacturer MetalTec
Type Ленточнопильный полуавтомат

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