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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine MetalTec 1530 B

Code: 1530B MAX-1000W
Manufacturer: MetalTec
Old price: 2 847 956 руб.
Price: 2 388 608 руб.
Laser source and power:

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Laser machine MetalTec 1530 B is designed for laser processing of metal. Processing is carried out by cutting along the plane. The fiber laser cutting machine is a high-tech equipment combining laser cutting technology and precision CNC machinery. The machine is successfully used in the metalworking industry, due to its high processing accuracy, as well as the best quality of the products obtained.


The areas of application are quite extensive: medical microelectronics, heavy industry, mechanical engineering, metro or car accessories, mechanical parts, arts and crafts, elements of electronic devices, advertising, etc.


  1. MetalTec 1530B fiber laser - mechanical part and positioning system - 1 pc
  2. & nbsp; 1000W MAXPHOTONICS fiber laser source - 1 piece
  3. & nbsp; Servomotors LEADSHINE & nbsp; - 4 pieces
  4. Control cabinet with LCD display and PC. & nbsp; RUCUT V.2 (NESTING) & nbsp; - 1 set
  5. & nbsp; Tracking system for the distance to the sheet surface with a height sensor - 1 pc.
  6. & nbsp; Laser cutting head with autofocus METALTEC CH3000 & nbsp; & nbsp; - 1 pc.
  7. Water cooling unit (Chiller) WAN XIN DA - 1 pc.
  8. Wireless remote control - 1 pc
  9. & nbsp; Dust removal system - 1pc
  10. & nbsp; Automatic centralized lubrication system - 1pc
  11. Industrial computer - 1pc

Machine warranty - 2 years.

Laser source is guaranteed for 2 years.


  • High performance laser head with autofocus and safe movement control.
  • Software with included NESTING module, localized for the Russian market, including a language pack in Russian.
  • High quality laser beam.
  • Simplicity and ease of setup and adjustment.



Image of a laser cut part  Image of laser cut part 2

Image of laser cut part 3  Image of a laser cut rooster 4  Image of a laser cut gear part 

Image of laser cut sprocket part  Laser cut hieroglyph image ; Image of a laser cut tube part 

Image of a laser cut tree  Image of laser cut part 6


Type of steel Thickness, mm Speed, m/min Pressure, MPA Gas Focal length, mm
Stainless steel 0.5  24 1 N2 0,6
1 17 ~ 21  1.1 N2 0,6
2 5.4 ~  7.2  1.5 N2 0,6
3 2.1 ~ 3  2.0 N2 0,6
Carbon Steel 1 15 ~ 18 1 O2 1
2 5,1 ~ 6 0.5 ~ 0.8 O2 1
3 3.5 ~ 4.2 0.25 ~ 0.4 O2 1
4 2.3 ~ 2.7 0.15 ~ 0.2 O2 1
5 1.7 ~ 2.1 0.15 ~ 0.2 O2 1
6 1.2 ~ 1.8 0.10 ~ 0.15 O2 1
8 0.9 ~ 1.1 0.10 ~ 0.15 O2 1
10 0.6 ~ 0.72 0.10 ~ 0.15 O2 1

* The table shows approximate parameters. Actual parameters - may vary slightly (depending on the quality of the steel, the purity of the cutting gases, the air temperature in the workshop and other external factors)


Photo of the all-welded bed of the laser machine


Our laser cutting machine has a gantry structure with a cast crossbeam. The whole structure has high strength, and unlike the cantilever models, it provides stable operation.
During production, the machine bed is heat treated to relieve metal stress. Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve the rigidity of the structure, and as a result of which the impeccable precision of processing.
Portal image for aircraft aluminum cutting head PORTAL FROM AIRCRAFT ALUMINUM

The cast aluminum girder of the portal has less weight compared to steel, which significantly reduces the load on motors and guides, extending their service life. The thick-walled aluminum profile of the portal girder has excess rigidity and does not deform over time.

The machine is equipped with square linear guides and carriages of the LAPPINGS company on all axes "(Taiwan) with a section of 25 mm. Due to the increased stability and rigidity, they provide high accuracy of the portal movement along the X, Y, Z axes. High processing accuracy and durability of the machine are achieved without loss of accuracy.


To move along the X and Y axes, the machine uses a gear and a helical rack. This solution allows you to achieve high speed performance without losing processing accuracy.

Due to the complete elimination of backlash, high-precision movement of the laser head along the Z axis is ensured when performing processing according to the program using CNC of complex products with a high degree of accuracy.
Photo of the laser machine control stand with LCD screen Photo of the laser machine remote control CONTROL RACK + WIFI REMOTE D/U

The control stand is integrated into the structure of the machine. It features simplicity, reliability, and an intuitive control panel. The computer is controlled by Windows OS.
Convenient and ergonomic WIFI control panel, designed to operate the machine in manual mode and remotely from the control stand.
It greatly facilitates the operator's work during setting up the machine, and also reduces the risk of damage to equipment in processing.
Max Photonics fiber laser source image LASER SOURCE

The machine is equipped with a laser source of the "MAXPHOTONICS" company (China). It is a world-renowned and recognized leader in the field of laser production, which confirms flawless and trouble-free operation.
The company is one of the largest suppliers of lasers for various purposes around the world.
The laser emitter is equipped with an air conditioning system for cooling electrical components.
Photo of MetalTec laser cutting head with autofocus LASER HEAD METALTEC CH3000 (AUTOFOCUS)

The machine is equipped with a laser head METALTEC, with an autonomous controller for tracking the distance from the sheet surface up to the laser head, which allows processing uneven surfaces, and the built-in water cooling system ensures stable operation of the laser head.
  • Auto focus laser head.
  • Laser head with SAFE 360 obstacle avoidance system.

For movement along all axes, the machine is equipped with industrial LEADSHINE servomotors (Taiwan), the accuracy and reliability of which ensures uninterrupted operation and consistently high quality of products.
  • Motors along the XY axes - 0.75 kW.
  • Motor in the Z axis - 0.4 kW.

The advantages of SHIMPO planetary gearbox (JAPAN):
  • High power density while ensuring high load capacity and minimal drive dimensions;
  • Higher efficiency;
  • Lightweight design - twice as compact and lighter than other gearbox types.
Maintenance-free during operation.
Photo of Ru CUT V2 (SC2000 NESTING) laser machine software SOFTWARE & nbsp;
Ru CUT V2 (SC2000 NESTING) - localization for the Russian market

Simple and convenient software in Russian, has CAD and CAM modules, supports import of the main file types: DXF. AI. PLT. CAD. AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, plt, AI, dxf. etc.
Image of a hood for a laser machine ASPIRATION UNIT

The machine is equipped with a dust collection unit, which is an undoubted advantage in relation to machines of other manufacturers.
Industrial Miller photo INDUSTRIAL CHILLER

Automatic chiller for cooling the emitters of laser machines.
The chiller allows continuous cooling of the laser system, preventing overheating laser source, laser head. Temperature control is carried out automatically.
Image of laser cutting waste collection trays CUTTING WASTE REMOVAL

The machine is equipped with pallets to remove small cutting waste/small size products from under the machine. Comfortable handle, allows you to quickly remove the pallet from under the machine, and just as quickly put it back.
Image of the needle table

The working space of the machine is a set of metal slats along the entire length of the table. The lamellas have a serrated shape, which reduces their wear.
After the resource is exhausted, the lamellas are made on the machine.

Delivery time Available in a warehouse in the Russian Federation
Часы работы New
Laser.Type: Fiber laser
Laser Power [Watt] 1000
Manufacturer MetalTec
Working area, mm 3050 x 1530
Machine overall dimensions 4400 x 2200 x 1600
Machine weight 2300 кг
Z axis travel 120 mm
Fastest exchange time of platforms Сменные палеты отсутствуют
Positioning accuracy 0.03mm
Repositioning accuracy 0.02mm
Servo motor and driver Leadshine
Slideway and Rack LAPPINGS
Breaker & Relay Schneider Electric (France)
Laser and Optical system
Laser source MAX Photonics
Laser wavelength, nm 1070
Cutting head METALTEC CH 3000
Automatic focusing function of laser head Exist
Systems and options
Closed protection enclosure Не предусмотрен конструкцией
Automatic lubrication function Есть
Laser cutting technology database +
CNC Intelligent control system
Control system RU CUT V.2 (NESTING)
Display function Touch function
System identification file format CAD, CorelDRAW, plt, AI, dxf

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