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BODOR T230A T230A Series Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Code: T230A-IPG-1000W
Price: 6 086 061 руб.
Laser source and power:

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Часы работы New
Manufacturer BODOR Laser
Machine overall dimensions 13500 × 3200 × 2500 mm
Positioning accuracy 0.05mm
Repositioning accuracy 0.03mm
Machine bed Cast iron bed
Servo motor and driver Japan Yaskawa
Slideway and Rack Made in Taiwan
Breaker & Relay Schneider Electric (France)
Cutting gas control valve Japan SMC
Laser and Optical system
Laser source IPG / Max Photonics
Cutting head Bodor Genius T
Automatic focusing function of laser head Exist
Systems and options
Automatic lubrication function Есть
Laser cutting technology database +
Cutting gas automatic pressure regulation function 4KW and below:O2 6KW and above:O2、N2、air
CNC Intelligent control system
Control system BodorPro 1.0
Display size 21.5 inches
Display function Touch function
WIFI wireless control +
System identification file format DXF, DWG, PLT
Safety protection system
Auxiliary gas low pressure alarm function +
Laser abnormal alarm Присутствует
Cutting abnormal alarm Присутствует
Gas low pressure alarm Присутствует
Water cooler abnormal alarm Присутствует
Tube processing parameter
tube cross-sectional shape Round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, channel steel, angle steel
Tube size range Round tube ⌀20-⌀230mm, Square tube ☐20 - ☐160mm, Rectangular tube:170mm≥ ▯ ≥20mm, Circumscribed circle diameter ≤230mm
Requirements for tubes ⌀<50mm Wall thickness of tubes≥1.2mm; Diameter≥φ50mm Wall thickness≥2.5% of Diameters of tubes
Max. length of tube 6500мм *
Cutting function of angle steel and channel steel +
Min. tube material surplus 190мм
Chuck drive types electric chuck
Electric chuck maximum load 200Kg 30Kg/m
Maximum tube weight 200Kg 30Kg/m
Maximum blanking length 4500 мм
Shortest remaining material 190mm
Max. rotational speed of W axis 120 r/min

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