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Laser Cutting Machine BODOR E Series E3015

Code: E3015-IPG-1000W
Price: 5 071 693 руб.
Laser source and power:

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Delivery time Ready to ship
Часы работы New
Working area, mm 3000 x 1500
Table load bearing 900
Machine overall dimensions 3000mm х 1500 mm
Machine weight 5700 kg
Z axis travel 315 mm
Fastest exchange time of platforms 10 s
Max. linkage speed 140m/min
Max. acceleration 1G
Positioning accuracy 0.03mm
Repositioning accuracy 0.02mm
Machine bed Cast iron bed
Servo motor and driver Japan Yaskawa
Slideway and Rack Made in Taiwan
Breaker & Relay Schneider Electric (France)
Cutting gas control valve Japan SMC
Laser and Optical system
Laser source IPG / Max Photonics
Cutting head Bodor Genius
Automatic focusing function of laser head Exist
Systems and options
Closed protection enclosure Не предусмотрен конструкцией
Automatic lubrication function Присутствует
Countertop locking function Присутствует
Multistation automatic nozzle changer Станция на 8 сопел
Nozzle automatic calibration function Присутствует
Nozzle automatic cleaning function Присутствует
Active obstacle avoidance function +
Laser cutting technology database +
Cutting gas automatic pressure regulation function 4KW and below:O2 6KW and above:O2、N2、air
CNC Intelligent control system
Control system BodorPro 2.0
Display size 21.5 inches
Display function Touch function
WIFI wireless control +
System identification file format DXF, DWG, PLT
Safety protection system
Auxiliary gas low pressure alarm function +
Laser abnormal alarm Присутствует
Cutting abnormal alarm Присутствует
Gas low pressure alarm Присутствует
Water cooler abnormal alarm Присутствует

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