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Stanko Service performs high quality work:

  • Maintenance, repair of TRUMPF sheet-processing machines
  • Dismantling
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Transfer to a new location (Dismantling / Assembly)
  • Putting into operation
  • Diagnosis of the machine before purchase . On the territory of Russia and Europe
  • Training of operators - a full course of study with the issuance of certificates for passing the course
  • Take your machine on commission

Working with us you get:


Save by reducing downtime. Remember, while you are waiting for questionable results from unskilled repair operators who consider themselves service engineers, the time goes by, and your competitors carry out orders. On these orders, you could earn!


After repair, we do not pick up old spare parts. They remain with you and you can be sure that the components that were provided by the customer were installed on the machine


Our service engineers never waste time. On the contrary, before going to the client, we ask a lot of questions in order to understand the problem as deeply as possible and being at the client, spend less time searching for the causes of malfunctions. If it seemed to you that the service engineer is in no hurry, think about it, for sure he thinks about making the only correct decision and your machine has earned, and not pulled money out of you

The company Stankoservis performs all types of service works of lasers, sheet-bending machines and coordinate-punching machines AMADA

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Stankoservice performs all types of maintenance that may require TrumaBend binder (TruBend) while you own it

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Like any equipment with a high degree of complexity, Trumpf laser systems have their own individual characteristics when performing service operations.

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The company Stankoservis performs all kinds of service works that may require combined machine TRUMPF while you own it

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Stankoservis performs all types of service that may be required by TRUMPF co-ordinate punch press while you own it

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