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Stankoservice performs all types of maintenance that may require TrumaBend binder (TruBend) while you own it

  • Installation and commissioning of the Trumpf sheet bending machines
  • Dismantling and preparation for transportation
  • Repair and Service
  • Training of operators
  • BendGuard option commissioning
  • Acceleration of the TRUMPF TruBend press brake from 10-25 mm / s to 220 mm / s
    without installing the BendGuard option

The TRUMPF bending press is extremely reliable equipment, and as a rule, rarely asks for attention. The relative simplicity of the design allows many problems to be solved by the customer. However, like any equipment with a high degree of complexity, Trumpf sheet benders have their own individual characteristics when performing service operations.

STRUMPF sheetfigures are complex multicomponent machines, consisting of components from several dozen manufacturers from different countries.

Before dismantling such equipment, it is necessary to take a number of measures in relation to each block of the machine, so that the machine can be started in the same form as before dismantling. Do not allow amateur equipment for your dismantling. Many will be able to disassemble, but whether it is possible to run the machine in a new location without unnecessary costs, after unskilled actions during dismantling is a big question.

No less important is the high qualification of service engineers in the repair of laser cutting machines. Sometimes, in pursuit of saving 10,000 rubles, the owners of machine tools risk re-buying expensive components worth not one ten thousand euros. We know many such examples.