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Like any equipment with a high degree of complexity, Trumpf laser systems have their own individual characteristics when performing service operations.

The company Stankoservice performs all types of maintenance work that may be necessary for the TRUMPF laser machine while you own it:

  • Installation and commissioning of the Trumpf machines
  • Dismantling and preparation for transportation
  • Repair, Service and Diagnostics:
  • resonator repair
  • setting the mode (beam mode)
  • replacement of external optics (mirrors)
  • alignment (alignment) of external optics
  • training of operators

Like any equipment with a high degree of complexity, Trumpf laser complexes have their own individual characteristics when performing service operations.

Our experience allows us to take on the maintenance of various machines, ranging from TRUMPF Trumatic L3030 and its younger versions to TRUMPF TruLaser 3030 L20.

We have repaired and put into operation a large number of laser machines. A large number of resonator repairs, replacement and maintenance of external optics mirrors, repair of generators, replacement of Siemens engines with TRUMPF machines have been carried out.


Do you think that our service is expensive? remember the following:

If you think competence is expensive, then try incompetence - it will cost you are much more expensive

Johannes Staelphon Holstein


TRUMPF laser complexes are complex multicomponent machines, consisting of components from several dozen manufacturers from different countries.

Режущая головка станка TruLaser 5030

The TRUMPF laser systems have a very advanced self-diagnosis system. However, you need to correctly understand the benefits of this system for the customer. The self-diagnosis system of the machine saves you money due to the fact that the service department spends less time on repairs and the machine is less idle. And if you offer a machine to contact the service department, and you are sure that you can solve the problem on your own, better call the customer service and get advice. Repair of machine tools is our work and earnings, but in our company there are no enthusiasts to travel for 1000 km to do what the customer could do himself. Remember, the problem can be deeper, and sooner or later it will make itself felt. Then the repair can be even more expensive.

Before dismantling such equipment, it is necessary to take a number of measures with respect to each block of the machine, so that the machine can be started in the same form as before dismantling. Do not allow amateur equipment for your dismantling. Many will be able to disassemble, but whether it is possible to run the machine in a new location without unnecessary costs, after unskilled actions during dismantling is a big question.

No less important is the high qualification of service engineers and when repairing laser cutting machines. Sometimes, in pursuit of saving 10,000 rubles, the owners of machine tools risk re-buying expensive components worth not one ten thousand euros. We know a lot of such examples, when after service engineers-self-taught, our service engineers have to spend more time for repairs.

Perform routine maintenance strictly according to the instruction manual and do not save on consumables, and your machine will serve for a long time at no extra cost.