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Laser Cutting Trumpf TruLaser 3030 L3200W 2007 LC-1304

Code: LC-1304
Manufacturer: TRUMPF®

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Standard options:

Closed machine bed,
Moving part: Optimum processing speed and precision,
Drives: Digital, maintenance-free electric motors with high movement accuracy,
Beam Passing System: Closes the laser beam between the resonator and the cutting head; the system is purged with multi-stage purified air,
Cooling unit, - Automatic pallet changer,
Longitudinal conveyor,
TFT monitor,
Lighting of the working area,
Oil spray device,
Machine up to 43 ° C ambient temperature,

CO2 laser TruFlow 3200 with optimized Standby mode,
Maintenance-free turbine,
Laser control: TASC, Laser power setting,
Laser Logbuch function
Cutting head:

Cutting head with 5 "lens
Cutting head with 7.5 "lens
Quick change heads
ControlLine: control of the distance between the metal sheet and the nozzle, as well as recognition of the edges of the processed sheet

Integrated technology tables:
Automatic shutdown: Puts the machine after a certain time into the "Standby" mode,
Programmable cutting gas pressure selection:
SprintLine®: High-speed machining (increased machining speed by optimizing machining through thin sections of steel)
ContourLine®: small hole punching device in thick steel
Micro-welding: Connects the finished part to the remnants of the sheet using spot welding.
Teleservice: Provides direct modem contact with Trumpf service personnel
Diagnostic function: The analysis of the causes that caused the error information is carried out and recommendations for their elimination are given
Network connection:

USB connector - will be installed during the installation of the machine at your enterprise.
RJ45 -Connector - Ethernet 10 Mbit / sec (or 100 Mbit / sec),
Safety system:

CE Mark: The machine complies with the basic safety and health standards of the European Community 98/37 / EG and comes with the CE mark
Photocell: Multi-beam photocell available to limit the treatment area
Control system: An automatic system controls the operation of the laser. Gas pressure, temperature, operation of the cooling system are checked.
Multi-chamber system for removing cut products
Compact vacuum cleaner: Designed to remove smoke and small scale particles. Small metal particles are filtered out in a vacuum cleaner, coarse ones are collected in a sump
Machine protection with macrolon pads meets the requirements of the 1st safety class of laser devices
Location: Germany.

If you are interested in this machine and you want to get advice or purchase this machine, then write to us by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +79085153333

Delivery time By agreement
Часы работы 2007
Machine hours 34017
Laser hours 13867
CNC Siemens Sinumerik 840 D
Work area X x Y x Z [mm] 3000 x 1500 x 115
Laser.Type: TLF 3200 turbo
Laser Power [Watt] 3200
Max. Table load [kg] 710
Max. Movement Speed [m / min.] паралельно осям/одновременно (Х и Y)\: 60/85
Accuracy [+/- mm] 0.1
Dimensions L / W / H [mm] 9300/4600/2000
Weight, [kg] 12000
Manufacturer TRUMPF
Type TruLaser 3030 3200W
Laser Type TLF 3200 turbo

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