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To replace, we will need:

  • A device for measuring the conductivity of water
  • Water pump
  • Rags
  • Water additives: & nbsp; AlCare Quick-Kit Aluminum (Ref№ 1652605) and CuCare Quick-Kit Cuprum (Ref № 1653112)
  • Cooling demineralized water with a conductivity of less than 10 µS / cm.
  • Ring key for changing water filters.
  • 3 water filters (filter for aluminum circuit, main flow, FocusLine filter). Reference article 146152
  • Filter Element No. 0115942
  • Tank for discharging and disposing of waste water from the tanks of the machine cooling system.


  • Cooling water and aggressive additives to it! There is a risk of skin and eye irritation!
  • Use gloves and glasses for protection when working with cooling water and water additives.
  • The operation of the pumps (pumps) of the cooling unit without water may damage them.

  • Turn off the laser, and after the laser stops, the machine itself.
  • Warning! This item is not recommended for old machines - leaks may appear. Fill the tank with a red cover from the set corresponding to the type of cooling circuit (copper and aluminum. Do not confuse them. They have different dosages). Turn on the cooling unit and let it work 2 hours.
  • Empty both cooling circuits completely: aluminum and copper. Water can be pumped out using an auxiliary water pump, or using drainage hoses that are located in the basement cavity. & Nbsp; cooling unit.
  • To maximize the emptying of the cooling system, temporarily disconnect the hose from the top quick-release element in the resonator and temporarily disconnect the hose at the machine excitation cascade. Do not neglect this point, since the remaining old water, mixing with new water, raises its electrical conductivity.
  • Open the panels (walls) of the cooling unit.
  • Clean the tanks with a rag or pressure washer.
  • Close the taps on the water filters.
  • Replace filters with cleaning filter element flasks: should be clean in the filter housing.
  • Open taps on filters.
  • Rinse the strainer in the copper circuit of the cooling unit.
  • Replace filters or clear grids in:
  • Fill tanks with 60% demineralized water.
  • Bleed air from the pumps using a plug at the top of the pumps and turn on the cooling unit.
  • Let the pumps run for 10 minutes. After that, measure the conductivity of water using a device for measuring the conductivity of water.
  • If the electrical conductivity of water is less than 20 µS / cm, the water is clean and does not contain debris, then add additives to the aluminum cooling circuit and to the copper cooling circuit of the machine.
  • If the electrical conductivity of water is more than 20 µS / cm, it is dirty and contains suspended matter, then empty the cooling circuits again and repeat the washing process.

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 15. Completely fill the tanks with demineralized water.