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Hydraulic guillotine shears IRONMAC SB-K

Code: SB-K

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The SB-K series includes several sizes: 2500, 3200, 4000 and 6000 mm wide for cutting sheet up to 30 mm thick.

The welded design of the scissor frame, which has undergone heat treatment for stress relief, has high rigidity and stability.

The hydraulic shear drive and hardened cutting blades provide a stable, high-quality cut.

The design feature of this series of guillotine shears is that the upper beam, when making a cut, does not move along a straight path, but along an arc (the principle of a rocking beam), which, according to the designers, should ensure high accuracy of metal cutting, which is much more observed in straight guides harder.


The main purpose of a mechanical guillotine is the cutting of sheet metal (including stainless steel) in blank production with a thickness of 6 - 16 mm. A more precise cut, obtained due to the design features of the SB-K series, is of interest to this machine from manufacturers of food equipment and agricultural machinery, for example, from poultry or dairy farming. 

In these areas, high-quality equipment made of rigid and (or) stainless materials is required to perform technological processes. But this does not mean that there is no demand for scissors in other industries.



 Model SB-K 4x2000 SB-K 4x2500 SB-K 6x2500 SB-K 6x3200 SB-K 4x3200 SB-K 6x4000
 Nominal material thickness, mm * 4 4 6 6 4 6
 Cut length, mm 2000 2500 2500 3200 3200 4000
 Maximum backgauge travel, mm 600 600 600 600 600 600
 Blade angle, ° 1°30” 1°30” 1°30” 1°30” 1°30” 1°30”
 Working speed, cuts/min ≥ 20   ≥ 20 ≥ 20   ≥ 14 ≥ 20  ≥ 14 
Engine power, kW 4 4 7,5 7,5 4 7,5
 Length, mm             3250 3850 4800 3850 3200 3225
 Width, mm 1800 1800 1950 1950 1880 1880
 Height, mm  1800 1800 1820 1820 1960 1960
 Weight, kg  7000  7500  8800  9000  8200  8600
 * - the value of the maximum thickness of the material is given for metal with strength σ=450 N/mm2 (carbon structural steel); in the case of other strength values ​​of the material, the values ​​of the maximum cut thickness must be changed in proportion to the change in strength.


Thanks to the rigid all-welded design of the guillotines, high accuracy and reliability of the equipment in operation are ensured. When making a cut, the upper beam moves along an arc (oscillating beam), which ensures high precision in cutting metal, which is much more difficult to observe in straight guides. 

  • One of the differences from the SB series is that the SB-K uses the ESTUN E200 controller, which gives additional functionality to the machine;
  • The design of the frame of the scissors is welded, heat treated, has high rigidity and stability of performance;
  • For guillotines of the SB-K series, the hydraulic drive is carried out on a swinging cutting traverse, the return of the traverse is provided by the action of accumulating nitrogen cylinders, which ensures stable and reliable operation; a compact and reliable hydraulic station is located under the work table; hydraulic drive is carried out on a swinging cutting traverse;
  • Knife blades set in a special way to achieve the same clearance along the entire length of the cut and eliminate burrs; fast adjustment of the blade gap value is determined by the scale and is securely fixed;
  • The backgauge is moved by the motor and is equipped with an indication, its accuracy and number of cuts are on the front panel of the machine; lowering the knife blade can be quickly and conveniently put into standby mode;
  • There is a pre-selection of the mode of single or continuous cuts, as well as a pre-selection of the cut size and cutting speed; front table with roller supports to avoid scratches on the original sheet metal;
  • The hydraulic sheet presses have a polyurethane coating to avoid press marks on soft material; there is also a cut illumination lamp for positioning the cut material according to the cast shadow;
  • The protective screen of the working area with an electrical disconnection guarantees the safety of working on the machine; additional equipment with laser and light protective screens is possible;
  • Cut length adjustment to reduce stroke length and increase productivity;
  • Ease of use and modern design, reduced noise and a reliable security system that meets all ISO requirements - all this allows the use of this series of scissors in many modern automated productions with high requirements for equipment reliability.
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