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Lens ZnSe 7.5 "(Ref # 97517)

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Code: 38175740CH
Price: 35 910 руб.

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Lens for TRUMPF Laser Cutting Machines (Ref No. 097517)

Lens with a focal length of 7.5 inches. The low cost of the lens will allow you to save money, while you get a lens that is not inferior in quality to the original.

Inexpensive and profitable ZnSe lens for laser machine

Always in stock. Sending on the day of receipt of payment.

Fixed price in rubles without reference to foreign exchange rates.

Non-proliferation guarantee (zinc selenide is a dual-use product).

The lens is made from original raw materials that are used in the production of original lenses.

The focal length is 7.5 "or 190mm.

Material - Zinc Selenide

Diameter 38.1mm

Edge thickness ET 7.4 mm

AR / AR for a wave of 10.6 microns - less than 0.20%

Raw materials ZnSe Селенит цинка
DIA 38,1 mm
ET 7.4 mm
Coating Просветляющее
Focus Lenght 7,5" = 190 mm
Surface curvature 1 Konvex / выпуклая
Surface curvature 2 Plan / плоская
Absorption 0.20%

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