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TRUMPF Trumatic L 3030- 3000W LA-036

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Code: LA-036
Manufacturer: TRUMPF®

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Our machines undergo a thorough pre-sale preparation, which includes, first of all, the replacement of worn out components. We change some components directly during commissioning at the customer's site. In this case, the customer can personally verify that the components have been replaced. This is always better than unsubstantiated promises and our customers appreciate it.

If you are interested in this machine and you want to get advice or purchase this machine, then write to us by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +79085153333

The TRUMPF Trumatic L 3030-3000W package also includes:

Cooling unit
Automatic pallet change
Safety light stands
Multi-chamber hood
Compact dust collector


Machine options:
• The laser power control system adjusts the laser power in
depending on the feed rate. This significantly improves the quality
execution of corners of parts made from a thin sheet.
• Laser control system: TASK system
• Technological tables
• network connection,
• Cutting head with 5 “lens
• Cutting head with 7.5 “lens
• Quick change heads: The device allows you to make
quick change of heads without serious adjustment.
• DIAS III Digitales Intelligentes Abstands-System):
Maintains a constant nozzle-to-part distance in
cutting process even for uneven sheets and prevents collisions
sheet and head; determines without touching the position of the sheet on the machine table and when
by means of displacement and rotation of coordinates adapts the program
processing to the actual position of the sheet. Thus, the
the possibility of scratching the sheet when it is moved across the table.
• Illumination of the treated surface

during the repair of the machine, the following works were carried out:
1.1 checking and those of the resonator (mirrors, quartz tubes, coolers
resonator gas, turbine)
1.2 check and technical work of mechanics, axes X x Y x Z
1.3 checking the electronics and CNC of the Machine
1.4 checking electronics and CNC laser
1.5 check and repair of pneumatics including replacement of all filters
1.6 checking and repairing hydraulics on a changeable pallet
1.7 replacement of protective covers along the X and Y axes
1.8 checking and preparing the cooling system including replacing all filters
1.9 checking and preparing the laser beam path,
1.10 checking the high frequency generator and replacing the high voltage lamp
1.11 checking and adjusting the movement of the X x Y x Z axes for positioning and
1.12 inspection and repair of 2 "and 7,5" cutting heads with replacement of lenses
1.13 checking and cleaning the flue gas extraction system
1.14 checking, repairing and adjusting the interchangeable pallet
1.15 painting the machine with the paint of the manufacturer

new materials were used:
0128-165 X-axis protective covers х 4 pcs.
0105-757 Y-axis protective covers x 2 pcs.
0129-881 deflection mirror x 1 pc.
0097-517 lens 7.5 "x 2 pcs.
0088-114 lens 5 "х 2 pcs.
0260-432 ceramic nozzle holder x 2 pcs.

0256-153 ceramic holder cover x 2 pcs.
0234-485 cutter head holder cover x 2 pcs.
0146-152 water filters x 8 pcs.
0123-676 AKP filter 03/10
0123-675 SMFP filter 03/05
0123-674 filter FFP 03/05
0248-379 absorber x 1 set
0099-156 3.6 volt battery x 1 pc.
0109-149 3 volt battery x 1 pc.

Часы работы 1997
Machine hours 41500
Laser hours 21500
CNC Bosch CC 220S
Work area X x Y x Z [mm] 3000 x 1500 x 115
Laser Power [Watt] 3000
Max. Table load [kg] 710
Max. Movement Speed [m / min.] 60 / 85
Accuracy [+/- mm] 0.1
Max. Sheet Thickness St / VA / Al [mm] 20 / 12 / 8
Dimensions L / W / H [mm] 9800/4600/2000
Weight, [kg] 12500
Type TCL 3030
Laser Type TLF 3000 turbo

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